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The Cafeteria Lady Poem

There was once a cafeteria lady who cooked for everyone.

Preparing and fixing food for all the students even her son.

She was a hard worker and had a smile on her face.

Always hooked everyone up with extra fries everyday.

She is a single mom who didn't mind seeing others happy.

She recalls when she was a student in the cafeteria being served lunch,

It was her senior year of high school when she had given birth to her son.

She remembers all the things that her mother have done for her.

Passing it on and doing for her son.

The cafeteria lady working 5 days a week,

Sneaking and baking desserts only the students got to eat.

The cafeteria lady enjoyed doing for others.

No matter how little she got paid for it,

She felt that it was worth seeing a smile on everyone's face.

Her son is a momma's boy and is proud to say,

'Cause she spoils him everyday.

She has been raising him mainly by herself for 21 long years,

Without a father figure in his life having her in tears.

The cafeteria lady wears her uniform with honor.

She is always at work an hour early,

And is last to leave the cafeteria an hour later.

The cafeteria lady always speaks to everyone.

With a beautiful smile on her face,

That helps brighten up everyone else's day.

The cafeteria lady is thought of as an inspiration.

'Cause she helps people with their problems.

The students are always glad to get her home cooked meals,

'Cause the cafeteria lady sometimes pays the bill,

Her son has been popular at making friends at school.

'Cause they all think that his mom the cafeteria lady is really cool.





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